Stainless Steel Fabrication, Engineering Hawke’s Bay

Matheson Fabrication specialise stainless steel fabrication and provide custom designed engineering services throughout Hawke’s Bay. As light to medium fabricators we support and service a growing list of satisfied clientele in a range of local and national industries. These industries include the wine and beer, meat processing, pelt processing, and food production. We’ll custom build and design to your specified requirements. Please, just ask, we’ll see what we can do!


Products & Services

When it comes to sheet metal fab, precision is key. At Matheson Fabrication, we offer custom metal fabrication services to meet the exact specifications of your needs. Our highly experienced team can work with a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, to create high-quality sheet metal parts for a range of industries and applications. We often stock 2500L, 5000L, 7500L and 10000L wine tanks and more on hand. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.


We pride ourselves on providing good quality products. Our customer service and satisfaction is high on our priority list!

“Matheson Fabrication is an excellent sheet metal fabricator and I am lucky that they are close by to my company. I have been extremely impressed with the turn-around time, cost and quality of the parts that they have been making for me since I started using them last year. Thank you for all of the great work and there will definitely be more to come!”

Trusted Partners

We support and service a growing list of satisfied customer in a range of industries.